Wardrobe Pull Contract

Terms & Conditions

The Stylist/Puller:

- is solely responsible for the care of the garment(s) pulled from PacoRogiene NYC.

- takes full financial responsibility and agrees to pay in full, the retail price of the item(s) borrowed should any be damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen. (Retail prices are listed in the product description of each garment on our website www.PacoRogiene.com/available-to-pull)

- is aware that all garment(s) must be returned in the same manner they were given.

- is aware that all garment(s) must be returned within one week of the original rental date.

- is aware that a $75/day Late fee will be assessed for each day past the return date.

- is aware that if the garment(s) that were pulled are not returned within 30 days of the original pull date, legal actions will be taken.

- will credit PacoRogiene NYC in all works in which garment(s) are used.

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