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Fashion through colorless eyes!

Paco Rogiene’s “Colored Expressions,” womenswear collection is based on the separation of color. It demonstrates there is no line between black and white; and something that is black is as equally as beautiful as white and vice versa. The collection does play on a racial line but it encompasses all races and shows that we are all equal. Beauty is equal no matter what color you are. This collection shows that beauty is equal no matter what color you wear.

Beauty is Beauty is Beauty!

The looks in The Collection are Rogiene's interpretation of beauty. They represent strength stability and structure. The everyday woman should feel powerful wearing these looks. They should feel successful and accomplished while still being sexy.

You’ll also notice pops of red through out the collection. The red plays a large role in the unity of the collections as well as the unity of the races. It is representative of the blood that runs through all of our bodies and it is what makes us all the same.

The “Colored Expressions,” menswear collection  is a small taste of where the future of Paco Rogiene’s menswear line is headed. This Urban chic line consist of upper and outerwear fit for men of all caliber. While the focus is on wearability, Rogiene played with prints and textures to bring his own version of uniqueness to these looks.